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Founded in 1932, Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary medical facility, located in Beverly Hills, CA.  The professional and caring staff at BHSAH provides the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for their highly-values patients.


  • NEWS

    • Venom- It’s Not Just A Heavy Metal Band. Get Your Rattlesnake Vaccines Now!

      It’s Spring! And this being Southern California, we are lucky with an amazing availability of hiking trails and campgrounds, some right here in the city, that come alive with vibrant sights and smells in the springtime. Griffith Park, Leo Carrillo State Park, Elysian Park and the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area all make for wonderful trips for you and your dog, but with Spring comes the re-emergence of some very dangerous rattlesnakes who also call these wonderful locales their homes.

      We highly encourage our patients that have a high potential of rattlesnake exposure to be vaccinated with the rattlesnake vaccine.The rattlesnake vaccine induces the formation of neutralizing antibodies to the rattlesnake venom. When these antibodies bind to the venom, your dog will exhibit a reduction in the harmful side effects that we normally see with rattlesnake envenomation. This will give you more time to rush your dog into the nearest emergency hospital for additional treatment. And when you’re up in the mountains, camping at night, or on a trail in the desert, and your dog is bitten by a snake, what you need most is TIME TIME TIME.

      This vaccine is not a magic cloak of immunity for a snake bite, but it WILL increase the likelihood that your dog will survive a rattlesnake bite.

    • Did You Feel That? Earthquake Preparedness for Humans and Pets!

      Over the last few months, Ian Abuana, one of the Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital technicians, has organized several meetings for the BHSAH staff with Scott Baker, one of the founders of Safety Net, a Huntington Beach-based company that specializes in disaster preparedness.

      Coincidentally, just a few days after our last meeting with Scott, the Greater Los Angeles Area was rattled, albeit slightly, by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. Then, even more recently, we had another, even stronger 5.1 magnitude shaker.

      We think this is a good time to encourage our clients to get their earthquake kits and supplies together for themselves and their families, and this of course includes supplies for the furry babies as well.