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Halloween Precautions



As Halloween draws near within a few days, let’s keep the safety of your pets in mind as we celebrate the festive night. Take note of the few tips and precautions mentioned below to protect our furry friends from potential danger:


 Although creepy sounds are to be expected throughout the haunted night, pets are not prepared for such eerie, loud noises. They will be startled and scared, causing them to escape or become aggressive. Keep them secure in another room.


Get ready for the numerous, candid images of adorable pets dressed in costumes across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat for all to see. Partaking in this tradition may be a great way to show off your pet, but remember that the comfort of your pet is a priority. Do not dress your pet in costumes that will prevent breathing, seeing, hearing, or barking.


 We all want to be festive with the holiday and what better way to show our excitement than by unique decorations? However, where the pet’s safety is concerned, be aware that certain decorations are not safe. Keep cats away from harmful items like cobwebs, strings, electric cords, and candle decorations. Prevent curious noses and paws from pumpkins because they may knock them over and cause a fire.

Controlling Pet

 Keep an eye on him/her at all times throughout the night as unpredictable behaviors may surface. Do not be upset; this is an instinctual behavior caused by stress from loud noises, bizarre costumes, and visitors. Pets may react to being scared by biting, barking, and/or escaping. Therefore, you are responsible for monitoring your pet so that he/she causes no harm to himself/herself and others.


Remember to always make sure that your pet is wearing proper identification such as a collar with an ID tag or an imbedded microchip. As this holiday invites many potential dangers to your pet, please keep your pet in another room inside your home. It is also important to note that black cats are more susceptible to pranks and other cruel activities during Halloween.


 One of the most exciting elements of this holiday is the free candy. However, wrappers and sticks are choking hazards. Chocolates are toxic to dogs as well as candies containing xylitol. Therefore, keep all candy bowls out of reach. Instead, allow your pet to have his/her own treats and toys.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Pet Poison Helpline

For any emergencies where you are unable to contact your primary veterinarian, contact the 24/7 Pet Poison Helpline at 855-764-7661. A $49 fees will be applied for each incident.




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